Published 4 months ago in Alternative, in album: BUBBLE PUNK


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Its been a long time a really long time!!


Its been a long time,been a long time,
been a really,really,really long time,
Theirs a hurricane blowing in my mind,
That wants to whirl you in my bed room light,

You look fine,you seem nice,
we could be together the rest of our life,
it feels right, would you like,
To come down and spend the night,

Your not sure,and im insecure,
see me naked in a darken room,
im feeling shy,when im high,
fliping in my changing moods,

Our we human, our we spiritual,
or just sick filthy animals,
Its the instinct to fucking breed,
and it sucks to have morals,

Its not going to work out with her( repeat) yea right

I really like to get to know you first,
Don’t mean to be a un manly jerk,
if you feel or if you hurt,
or just lie,,,,,,,,,

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