Published 4 months ago in Alternative, in album: BUBBLE PUNK


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This is one of my songs that i wrote about being in relationship with female serial killer, The Craigs List killer, Miranda.


Have you seen the stars tonight,
Lusty dreams of girly eyes,

Have you found another bride,
one your wife will never like,

Young pretty lady let me roll you on down to my street,
Been a little lonely so glad to finally meet.

She looked him in the eyes,
Smiled a funny smile,
Names Miranda,

Parked beneath the stars tonight,
Some thing don’t feel so right,
With Miranda,

Alone with Miranda,

Has she found another high,
Killing devils to ease the mind,

Moaning in the candle light,
Hold him close to the knife,
So tender,

Lovely young lady let me kiss you on down to your feet,
looking kind of sexy come on over and kiss me,

Parked beneath the stars tonight,
nothing never felt so right,
with Miranda,

Finally scored a girl tonight,
one last kiss to make it right,
with Miranda,

How hot you make him feel,(repeat)
need to touch,need to fuck,need to get it all on,
with Miranda,

Sugar honey bunny put your soft little hands on me,
Come on little darling you give your kisses to me,
Alone with Miranda,,,

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