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Text me

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This song is about what happens when you meet someone online and they are not what you thought they would be


Text me
By JK47

Hook: I just got your text
Lets meet up for sex
I just got your text
Meet at motel 6
I just got your text
Sorry about your ex
Another sms
Lets see who is next

Verse 1:

I just met Annette off the internet, her parents dont like me so they object, mind ya own business and don't interject, I don't know why they are so upset, why wont they show me respect, maybe they need to be put in check, without me, Annette's a mess, the truth is, she's obsessed with Rex, if she stays with him, she’ll be at risk, if she leaves him, she’ll be put to rest, but she loves him to death, he’s more shallow than Kim K West, a high school dropout , that lacks depth, if she leaves me, she’ll end up dead, that's why Rex has to take his meds, if he doesn’t he’s always on edge, any minute, he can jump off the ledge, let me finish, wait, I just got your text

Verse 2:
Rex treats me like a princess, he even helped me set up my pinterest, I’ll give him credit, cuz he always shows me interest, he says i’m his lady, always be his baby, be he cheated on me once with Katie, made me real angry, made me seem crazy, at times he wouldn’t even face me, his cheating really phased me, left me dazed and hazy, I know he’ll never replace me, I say that very hastily, feels like he is hazing me, like a dog, he’s always chasing me, acts so abrasively, but I try to keep my cool and act gracefully, it's tough cuz his death stare is like a shot grazing me, like Medusa and her snakes, he’s always gazing me, but somehow we make it work, amazingly!

Verse 3:
I think this girl is off her rocker, now she's coming after me, and I have to stop her, maybe I shouldn't have tried to block her, I think she hides a gun her locker, this fatal attraction has a stalker, perhaps her cherry I shouldn’t have popped her, She wants to eat me up like a whopper, she wants to serve me up proper, I need to take off, where's the chopper, better call 911 and find the coppers, my cells dead, I might be a goner, I never should have taunted her, why didn't I monitor her, what really bothered her, she's got be by the collar, She’s got a gun to my head, she’s got me tied to the bed, about to be filled with lead, must have been something I said, she snapped and just sees red, she's an emotional wreck, Looks like I got no time left, I just sat there, begged and wept, meeting her was my final regret, she shot and killed me dead, and just fled, turns out she was a serial killer like Dex-ter!

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