Add Your Lyrics, Increase Your Exposure

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Why Adding Content Equals Free Advertising
Add Your Lyrics, Increase Your Exposure
If you're an artist, you want exposure, and in today's digital world it's becoming increasingly harder to stand out among the rest. Since each artist is a brand in itself one of the most important things to remember is that content is "king". Anytime you get the opportunity to attach content to your brand, do it. From an artist's standpoint, one of the best features about SPR is having the ability to do exactly that--maximize your content, which in turn, increases your exposure. For example, when uploading your tracks you not only have the ability to add tags, but you can also add your lyrics. Adding tags is recommended, as it helps increase your chance of better visibility just by attaching your brand to a specific keyword(s). When it comes to lyrics, keep reading to learn how adding them works to your advantage.


Four Benefits of Including the Lyrics to your Tracks: 

  1. Strengthens the message - Let listeners know what you’re saying to better understand the message in your song. 

  2. SEO optimization - This is a great way to get free advertising. Once your lyrics are added to the SPR platform, they can then be picked up by search engines (Google, Bing, etc.,). When someone searches your song or name, your personal SPR page will likely appear. 

  3. Sing along - People are more likely to sing along and listen to your music if they know the words. Sharing your lyrics can be helpful if you have a unique way of saying things, songs with an exceptionally high bpm, a heavy accent or a live perfomance. 

  4. SPR "Quoteables" - We’ll be posting the lyrics of SPR artists to our social media pages, so if you want a chance to be considered, be sure to include yours and to follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

This is also beneficial for tutorials or podcast. Although it may sound daunting to write down every word of a tutorial or podcast, below are three easy options to help you transcribe your audio into text:

  1. Smartphone - Use a smartphone to record the audio as a dictation. This could require some editing as some words may not be transcribed correctly by the recording device or have other audible impurities.

  2. Google Search - A simple Google search like “turn audio into text free online” can present dozens of sites that will turn your audio into text for free.

  3. Hire someone - If you have a couple of bucks to spend to you can always pay someone on or a similar site to do the dictation for you. This would obviously work better for podcasts, audio books and tutorials than for songs because for one, they're shorter in length and two, no one knows your lyrics better than you.

So there you have it. Adding your lyrics equals free advertising and more exposure for your brand. It also adds new value to all the content that you created in the past while saving you money in the process. Never forget that where you lack in budget you can always make up for it in content. 



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