The Power of Getting Started

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The Power of Getting Started
If you knew you couldn't fail, what is one goal you'd set for yourself?


In the book called "The Perfect Business" by Michael LeBoeuf, a similar quesion was posed. It's a brilliant question, because it forces you to examine what you really want most out of life, and what it requires in order to make it happen. It turns out that I had a goal, and I hadn't a clue how to accomplish it. So I did the first thing that came to mind; I sat down and got started. I read books, watched tutorials and listened to lectures all in hopes of finding out what my next step should be. It wasn't easy and at times it was down right frustrating and confusing. But ultimately, I knew that even in those trying moments I was still one step closer to reaching my goal.

The difference between people who fulfill their own dreams and those who help others fulfill theirs is the willingness to take the first step. Can it be intimidating? Yes. Can it be difficult? Most likely. Will it be worth it? Without a doubt. But also keep in mind, NOTHING that has ever been done in the history of mankind has ever happened without someone taking that first step. And the same applies to the rest of us, no matter what it is that we want to pursue.

Allow your focus be fueled by questions. What is it you wish to do? What will you need in order to do it? Seek and you shall find and in no time you'll be doing the very thing you've been talking about doing "one day." So get started. Your dreams are waiting on you.





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